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HOUSES WOOD PRODUCTION manufactures and assembly of houses all wood, cylindrical logs in fuste in handcrafted solid timber, glulam beams in in RT2012, BBC wood frame, wooden frame HEE.
our constructions are performed according to techniques inherited the countries of northern Europe (robust housing that defy time) on your property or a residential leisure park or simply a campsite of your choice.
We only manufacture kits for wooden houses of the highest quality since it is the biggest investment of your life,
for you and your family.We use materials exclusively from forests that we operate in northern Latvia and southern Russia, known for the quality of their trees, and a technology and tools giving millimeter precision.

Wooden Houses Production specializes in the assembly of all the kits manufactured in its production units. The carpenters who provide installation have only participated in the manufacture of the kit and very often we provide assembly and quality control

at the factory before sending the kit to the definitive location Obviously assembly a kit with a first assembly at the factory, 

requires less time in principle in two or three weeks depending on the design surface. Houses timber production offers several options of wooden houses.

How it has been demonstrated that the timber is healthy?

The high wood moisture content is automatically controlled with the humidity of the air,

which in turn stabilizes the humidity in the wooden house other building materials remain the conductors or insulators which filter and return to outside or unload essential ions of oxygen outdoor rendering them ineffective.

However, because a wooden house breathes, the oxygen ions are free to de ionize the major harmful ions commonly found in dust and bacteria. 

We offer the best quality on the market at the most competitive prices.
We realize your plans and supply kits as well in France as in the rest of Western Europe. The finish is made ​​to your specifications by our team or independent contractor of your choice. In addition, we are at your service before, during and after the completion of your project./prix maison en bois /

our offer contractual guarantees of Practice for the quality of our wood duly selected and carefully crafted.

The wood breathes and thus provides ventilation in the wooden house, resulting in the flow of air

from outside to your home.  

Other materials trap air inside to become stale and germ mounted by passing through the timber,

the outside air is filtered, and thus purified air inside your house is cleaned. Wood, like wool, naturally detoxifies the air. In addition, this filter removes unpleasant odors quickly.

 enfin The natural aroma soothes the mind, while wood positively influences the body, enhancing relaxation. The sound-absorbing scents emitted by timber also foster a tranquil and serene ambiance within the wooden residence, 

making it the ultimate living space.

Furthermore, the lumber contributes to the external surroundings by emitting oxygen,

acting as a carbon dioxide absorber and filter, elevating air moisture levels, and enhancing air purification.

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